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Pat has been active in the parchment craft world for more than fifteen years and has a wealth of knowledge. Her qualifications and certificates cover every parchment technique and she has attended numerous workshops and exhibitions both in the UK and overseas.

Pat is a qualified Pergamano tutor. She is a committed teacher and a great organiser and has been at the helm of Parchment craft exhibitions for many years. She is co-founder of the Association of Parchment Crafters and Fellow of the Parchment Craft Guild of which she has held the position of Chair. Pat is well known for her painting skills and 3D flower making and is competent in all aspects of the craft.

Pat believes that she can help new candidates to become teachers who will have a well-balanced knowledge of basic techniques, which will provide a solid foundation for the future learning and building of skills.

She hoped that you will join her on this journey in order to promote the craft, ensure its success, and encourage new teachers and to facilitate the growth of the organisation. She cannot do this alone and it is your support that will make this possible.

Please download an Enrolment Form for Tutor Exam Level 1 if you would like to apply for the tutor course.

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All of these designs  have been published in the Parchment Craft Magazine.

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