Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors

Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors

Bristol Exhibition

Pat and Linda with some of the Academy tutors at the Bristol Parchment Craft Exhibition

Academy in Bristol 


The Academy of Parchment Craft Tutors (AIPT) is the creation of Pat Murphy and Linda Williams following the introduction of the UK Parchment Craft Teacher Network in 2012. Both are experienced in all aspects of parchment craft and have taught its skills for many years. The AIPT is in response to the need for new tutors and Pat and Linda’s wish to encourage and support both existing teachers and those who wish to teach the craft.

Acknowledging the difficulties of modern life, it is in the form of a distance learning package although it is anticipated that future attendance at workshops will enhance the experience. The AIPT is not associated with any commercial organisation. The Academy has set out a three tier exam system to enable candidates to develop, qualify and teach, first at a basic level, then progressing at candidates own pace to more advanced skills.

Application: there is a pre-assessment requirement to demonstrate basic skills in the craft techniques. Candidates will be required to submit examples of a range of techniques by post; these include tracing, embossing, perforating and colouring (no painting). If these reach the necessary standard the candidate moves to the Level One Assessment. For this patterns and instructions are provided, and help is available at all stages where needed. Successful candidates will receive a Diploma, badge and presentation folder, which includes teaching plans, plus teaching support. Levels two and three are optional and take candidates through more in depth and advanced techniques including simple painting at level 2 and more advanced painting for level 3. In addition there will be supplementary courses in the future.

Successful candidates, are known as Academy Tutors, will automatically be invited to join the Teacher Network, plus they are given the opportunity to demonstrate at the Bristol Exhibition. For more information on how to apply contact Pat or Linda.

Basic Embossing


Basic Perforating


Parchment craft is extremely popular all over the world. Many new techniques have been introduced since it's beginnings in the 15th/16th century. However, the basic techniques of embossing and lacework remain the most beautiful.


New Tutors...


Since the Academy started there have been a large number of applications from Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.


The Academy of Independent Parchment Tutors has set out a three tier exam system. This is to enable tutors to qualify and teach, at a basic level first, and then progress at their own pace...more

To make a start you need to have a good background knowledge of the basic skills of parchment craft. Before you can proceed with the first exam at Level 1 you will be required to submit a selection of your work for assessment.

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