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The Academy of Independent Parchment Tutors has set out a three tier exam system. This is to enable tutors to qualify and teach, at a basic level first, and then progress at their own pace. The AIPT is not affiliated to any organisation.

How much will it cost?

  • Level 1 - £70. An initial payment of £35 with the first submissions and then a final payment of £35 to accompany your application for the final six exam pieces.
  • Level 2 - £50
  • Level 3 - £50

Please note that this cost does not include any postage. You will be responsible for the cost of posting your work both ways. As the size and weight of projects will vary, we felt that it would be much fairer to each candidate if they paid their own postage costs, rather than add a nominal amount onto the initial cost of each level. So with this in mind, you may want to keep your projects small with a minimum amount of packaging. But please make sure that your work is well protected.

What tools can I use?

Any parchment craft tools and equipment can be used. The use of multi grids should be kept to a bare minimum.

How do I submit my work?

Whatever suits you best. If you wish to cut down on postage costs you may wish to consider a light-weight folder, or even a cellophane card protector. It’s the quality of the work that is important to us and we do not take the presentation into consideration. Just make sure your work is well protected as we cannot be held responsible for any loss or postal damage. We will return your work in the same packaging wherever possible

How do I pay and where do I send my work?

You can pay the first instalment of £35 in one of two ways. By cheque made out to the “Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors”. This should be sent along with your application form, chosen pieces of work, and a list of techniques and tools used. You will find the address at the bottom of the third page. Alternatively you can pay using PayPal. This is a very easy and safe option, and you can use it even if you don’t have an account with PayPal, just follow the simple steps online.

Please login to PayPal and send payment to: Please choose to pay via the “pay friends and family” option otherwise the Academy will incur expensive charges, which we will unfortunately have to pass on to you. Also when you make your payment, in the comments box please only put “AIPT” followed by your name. This will ensure we know who has paid and enable us to keep costs down. Once you have passed the initial assessment, the second payment (which must also include our postage costs), will be due when you send in your six set exam pieces.

Our commitment to you

It is our wish to help you succeed in becoming a tutor and we will be readily available to advise and help you via e-mail. Please be mindful that if you send an e mail of your work for some advice, that it’s not always possible to get a clear picture from a photograph or a scan.

We will take great care in assessing your work and try to give positive feedback and will work together and try to help you reach your goal. You will be guided through the levels and you will also have an opportunity to attend various workshops to encourage your growth. You will have regular news bulletins and have access to new tutor material, information and techniques.

Information on exam work and enrolment

New Tutors...

Since the Academy started there have been a large number of applications from Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.


The Academy of Independent Parchment Tutors has set out a three tier exam system. This is to enable tutors to qualify and teach, at a basic level first, and then progress at their own pace...more


To make a start you need to have a good background knowledge of the basic skills of parchment craft. Before you can proceed with the first exam at Level 1 you will be required to submit a selection of your work for assessment.

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