Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors


The UK Teacher Network and its subsidiary, the Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors, were set up in an effort to address one of several important issues revolving around the craft at this current time.

The first issue was the lack of an organisation that brought all parchment craft teachers together under the same umbrella, irrespective of the teaching qualification they may have acquired. This issue has already been addressed when the UK Teacher Network was set up in June 2013. This network now has in excess of 70 members and is continuing to grow on a daily basis. The Network recognises the qualifications from Pergamano, PCA and the Cornwall Academy of Parchment Craft. It also recognises the importance of teachers worldwide and it is the aim of the organisation to help, share, encourage and nurture relationships in every country in order to promote the growth and development of the craft and, more importantly, to aid in its survival. The Teacher Network aims to keep costs as low as possible in order to make workshops and courses accessible to all. It aims to raise funds to develop the continuing education of all tutors.

The second and most important issue that needs immediate attention, is the lack of newly qualified parchment craft tutors. There are several factors having an effect on this problem. At present there are few routes available for new candidates, also the costs and geography are prohibitive. Another factor is the skills that a candidate has to demonstrate before being considered for the final exam. With all these factors in mind, Pat and Linda set up the Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors. It is the intention of the AIPT to encourage and nurture new candidates. The aim is to provide a three tier exam system. The first level will ensure that the tutor qualifies with a good background knowledge and ability in the basic techniques of parchment craft. On passing this level the tutor will automatically become a member of the UK Teacher Network. The second level will include a good background knowledge and ability in advanced embossing and basic painting techniques. The third level will cover more advanced painting techniques.

The third issue that needs consideration is the lack of support and ongoing learning for both new and experienced tutors alike. It is the intention, if finances allow, to provide a comprehensive programme of continuing education for further development in as many areas as possible. The programme will be exciting, varied, fresh and modern taking parchment craft into the next decade. Tutors and students both in the UK and overseas, will have an input into the organisation and will hopefully work together to carry the beautiful art of Parchment craft forward and ensure its success and growth.